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‘TMNT Ongoing #61:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I did it again.  I missed a review. 

My apologies go out to my one fan for keeping you in suspense for so long.  But, hopefully, we’ve all been keeping up with the comics to catch up. 

In case you haven’t, writers Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz left us in suspense after Kitsune attacked Master Splinter while the Turtles were away, dealing with their own business on Burnow Island.  But leave it to April O’Neil to save the day (with a little help, of course…). 

Now, in TMNT #61, Alopex has gone missing, and Donnie and Angel decide to take on the ghost-like Street Phantoms again.  But not before Master Splinter calls everyone to gather for a family meeting, where April reveals the scroll she and Casey discovered during their own miniseries a few months back and how it can help them against Kitsune.  Everyone seems to have a plan – a mission – but not everyone likes what Master Splinter has to say…

You know, I was going to commend story writers and creators Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz for finally ending an issue without a cliffhanger.  This time, we had a plan!  Everyone had a job to do.  Until I went and read the last few pages…

But again, I wouldn’t expect anything different from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic, particularly this always-exciting ongoing series.  With stunning new artwork by Dave Wachter, including colors by Ronda Pattison, you couldn’t ask for a better ongoing team. 

In the meantime, let’s hope Donnie and Angel can finish fighting the Street Phantoms before they get their hands on—well—never mind…

Until next month,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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