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‘Dept.H #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I think I’m addicted to Dept.H. I’ve been waiting an entire month to know what was going to happen next. With a novel, when you finish a chapter, you can turn the page and continue following the characters. Waiting a month is part of the thrill and part of the annoyance with a comic series this good. Like Jeff Lemire (who has his new continuing series out this month), Matt Kindt is working on so many titles right now that it’s amazing how he can keep up the pace. But everything that he touches is gold – Dept.H included.

When last we saw our scientific Sherlock Holmes, Mia, she was in a cave listening to her brother’s voice echoing around a cave while a bunch of creepy, bug-like things filled the walls. It gave me chills. I immediately looked up online what could do such a thing.  Apparently, nothing real (as far as I can tell). At the beginning of Issue #5, in this world, it is called a Sea Mime or Mare Parrot – a spider that can act like a parrot. Creepy. No thanks. Nu-uh. The world in the oceans frightens and mystifies me. It wouldn’t surprise me if something like this was somewhere out there.

I digress . . . Mia was in search of her brother who was man-handled by a giant squid three issues ago. I won’t tell you what she finds, but I will say she will never be able to get even a second of shut-eye. Kindt refuses to let up. When Mia gets back to the ship after receiving a strange warning, the sea lab (seven miles deep) is given a good shake, and while everyone’s lives are suddenly put in peril, all she can think about is the evidence trapped in her quarters. We’re left teetering on the edge of another cliffhanger, wondering who is behind all of this and how the heck Mia is going to figure it out!

The visual storytelling is brisk; it never lets up. It tinkers with the imagination, especially that cover – just beautiful.

And again, I’m left with a month to wait until Issue #6.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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