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‘Jonesy #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Since Jonesy first began, one of the most interesting characters has been Jonesy’s secret crush, Stuff. A teen pop sensation with an odd sci-fi persona, he’s thus far been mainly in the background – talked about and seen in video clips, rather than appearing directly. Until now. In this issue, we finally get to meet the legendary Stuff.

One of Jonesy’s ongoing dilemmas has been that her secret love powers don’t work on herself. So, she can make anyone fall in love with absolutely anything, but she can’t do anything to get her own super-famous crush to notice her; however, resourceful girl that Jonesy is, she concocts an elaborate plan to get Stuff at least to come to her town. Wooing him, however, is a very different proposition.

Through a bit more resourcefulness, though, she manages at least to meet her idol and show him the zine she writes, all about him and his career. It’s a dream come true! But, Jonesy’s plans never turn out quite so simply, as her friends Farid and Susan are quick to point out. Sure, everything seems to be going perfectly; however, if that were really the case, there’d be no comic.

The highlight of this issue is probably Stuff describing his plans for a brand new space opera. It has everything from flying saucers to a dashing prince to a damsel in distress to… a talking tomato. Why can’t more pop stars do space operas with talking tomatoes? It’s a shame that this is only a comic, because I kind of want to hear Stuff’s music.

This issue was a lot of fun to read. In addition to the cool space opera stuff, it was refreshing to see Jonesy express a wider range of emotions and reactions than she has in previous issues. This is actually just what I was hoping would happen when the comic became ongoing instead of limited run. In general, I think Jonesy is really starting to come into its own. This issue is definitely worth a read.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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