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‘Cryptocracy #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The surprise hit of last month (at least for me) has returned with its follow up, and the sophomore issues of Cryptocracy doesn’t disappoint.

The last issue got us into the world and gave us a rundown of how things work in the realm of shadow governments, secret societies and bears in business casual dress. The results of the opening issue bring the nine families into each other’s lives once again, thanks to the very strange concept for the most popular people in the world: They, the powerful, are now being hunted down by someone with seemingly more power than them. The guiding hand of the world is being challenged, and, as it stands, they cannot rise to the task.

It’s been two issues, and each time I’ve been wholly surprised by this book. The opening issue surprised me by introducing what is possibly one of the best ideas for a fictional world in the history of modern storytelling, with the second turning that world on its head, as what I thought we’d be getting from this story turned out to be something completely different. This is a very, very good thing, and it’s one of the many reasons to keep an eye on this weird, but unique, series.

Van Jensen and Pete Woods have done a great job creating an unbelievable, but realistic, world. While this nightmarish reality of every action being dictated by one group – one society – is terrifying, I love it as a concept for fiction, and the pair have teamed up to make it feel real and scary, making it a great read.

This is a beautiful-looking book with some really interesting concepts that should not be ignored, for fear of missing out on what could be an under-the-radar sensation. I also really need to discuss this comic with people, so anyone who reads it, it’d be cool of you to say something about it in the comments section below.


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