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‘Think Tank: Creative Destruction #4’ – Comic Book Review

It looks like the current volume of Think Tank: Creative Destruction is ending with this issue. That is a very sad thing, because this book has been awesome from the very beginning. But even with this shortened volume, it’s has been a great series, full of hard facts, rebellious scientists, and awesome technology. It’s also showing the not-so-slow destruction of David Loren, one of the most interesting lead characters I’ve ever seen in a comic book series. He has a genius-level intellect, and he’s also a narcissistic jerk who usually tends to only think about what is good for him. Throughout this volume, David has shown some uncharacteristic compassion which has only made things more complicated.

This final issue is unusual, if only because it lacks a lot of the trademark snark that has been a staple for Loren throughout the series. That’s not a bad thing, because this issue – and this volume as a whole – has been a bit darker than the others. Throughout the last few issues, we’ve seen Loren’s relationships deteriorate, his work life crumble, and his already lacking social skills take a freefall. It’s all been done with the care and precision that has been a staple of this series. It ends on a bit of an ambiguous down note; there is no reason to not keep an eye on this book when it returns next year.

Matt Hawkins is an fantastic writer who has only gotten better as this series has continued. He’s used it to bring up some incredible subjects, both scientific and personal. While I definitely don’t understand everything that Hawkins brings up in this book, it does do what the tagline says: It makes me feel smarter. Much smarter.

Rahsan Ekedal is a powerhouse in this series, especially now that the book is in color. There’s something very special about the way he draws human figures, the way the heavy outlines seem to work both for and against the background, and overall, just something incredibly appealing about seeing his work in action.

While its current run was a bit shorter than expected, it’s good to hear that this book is coming back next year. It’s one of the most fun and intelligent comics running today, and, hopefully, the book will continue to grow its audience so Hawkins and Ekedal can keep doing what they do.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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