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‘The Violent #5:’ Comic Book Review

It’s always sad to see a good book go. Unfortunately, this happens in the comics industry and has happened to the stellar Image series, The Violent. Though only five issues, this first (and possibly last) arc really struck a chord with me for being gritty, harsh, and a bit rough around the edges while still being incredibly enjoyable.

Though it’s obvious the team of Ed Brisson, Adam Gorham, and Michael Garland were wrapping up this arc, as well as the story itself, this book managed to do what it’s done through the previous four issues: go out in a big way. Without spoiling too much, it’s certain that this part of the story is over. If the series winds up continuing as the creators have planned, it will be taking another angle.

I’ve been lauding this book since its first issue, and I’m really sad to see it go. Brisson has stated how personal this series is to him, and that the struggle of Mason, Becky, and the others has a special place in his mind. This definitely shows, as every broken moment in the lives of our leads feels realistic and heartbreaking. The decisions made by Mason, Becky, and the other characters hit right where they should, and I think only something this personal can really make that work as well as it has here.

The same can be said about the artwork of Gorham and Garland. I’ve said before that the artwork is a bit rough around the edges, and that is just as true now as it was in the first issue. But just as before, it totally fits. It’s a bit of a downer, but the book looks beautiful and subdued.

I could talk about this book for a long time, but, unfortunately, there won’t be the chance. With the series ending as it stands now, this is the best we’re going to get. But these five issues were as complete a story as I’ve seen in recent memory, and the creative team should be proud of the work they’ve done. Hopefully, this series will gain its legs later on, through another publishing house or through crowdfunding.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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