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‘The Wicked + the Divine #21:’ Comic Book Review

Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen have turned up the volume in the latest issue of Wic/Div. With the battle of the Gods reaching a fever pitch, things are beginning to get really bad for the poor, reincarnated figures of the Pantheon. With Laura taking the fight to Ananke to stop her plan, more and more of the Gods are falling, and falling prey to the malicious plots of the Pantheon leader.

An indie rock-inspired maelstrom, this book is really hitting an incredible furor with each passing issue in the “Rising Action” arc. Promised to be more action-packed than the previous, Gillen and McKelvie have lived up to their word, as this issue is more or less a twenty-plus-page brawl. Persephone (Laura) is taking herself – along with allies Baphomet, Dionysus, and the Morrigan – to take out Ananke and her allies, and so far, things have not gone terribly well. As Ananke plans a sacrifice of one of the Gods in order to put an end to this whole thing, people are being manipulated, killed, subdued, or some combination of the three. If this arc continues as it has, there won’t be many Gods left to pick up the pieces. There might also not be much road left for the series. As good as this series is, it feels like its coming to its natural conclusion, something that could really cap off a great title.

McKelvie, Gillen, and colorist Matt Wilson have been at it together for a long time, and the chemistry permeates through every page. The colors pop, the dialogue and story are like a well-oiled machine, and McKelvie’s artwork is natural and absolutely gorgeous. There aren’t many teams that work this well together, and when they do, you get the insanity that is this book. An absolute compliment, but seriously, this book is awesomely bonkers.

With this arc likely hitting its crescendo soon, it’s going to be very interesting to see where the creative team leaves us at the end. 


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