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‘Mr. Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares:’ Comic Book Review

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre and twisted comics I have ever read. The third volume in the Mr. Unpronounceable series, I haven’t yet read the first two, but it hardly matters. You’ll pick up the basic gist of what’s going on fairly quickly, and I doubt that this volume would make more sense even if I DID have the background. However strange and incomprehensible as the comic can be at times, it’s also captivating from the very first page and immensely fun all the way through.

Mr. Unpronounceable is a bloviating blowhard who lives in a crazy, sci-fi/horror world called the City of the Ever Open Eye. It’s inhabited by monsters, robots, and all sorts of horrifyingly Lovecraft-esque creatures, none of which Mr. Unpronounceable has any patience for. Though the City of the Ever Open Eye is Mr. Unpronounceable’s home base, he frequently finds himself traveling to all sorts of other lands, planets, and dimensions.

Mr. Unpronounceable isn’t a particularly likeable person. He has no qualms betraying, injuring, or killing whomever or whatever is in the way of what he’s doing. Fortunately, many of his adventures end with him being horribly killed, injured, or betrayed himself.

There are also, however, a number of Mr. Unpronounceable doppelgangers hanging around the city at any given time, each having his own strange adventure. Sometimes, he comes across another version of himself which never seems to surprise him. Are these doppelgangers clones? Robots? Alternate selves from parallel dimensions? Probably all of the above. Don’t worry about it too much.

There’s not exactly a plot in this volume. It consists of a number of independent adventures; however, many of them overlap with one another, and bits of one story will bleed over into another, until by the end, we do have something resembling a story. It’s not told linearly, though, and if you try to figure out how what’s happening now relates to what just happened or what’s about to happen, it will just make your head hurt.

All told, this is a weird adventure and probably not for the faint of heart. The stories are mind-bending, though, and the artwork is grotesque and amazing. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ll definitely want to check out Mr. Unpronounceable and the Infinity of Nightmares.

Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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