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‘Throwaways #1:’ Comic Book Review

The premise behind Caitlin Kittredge (writer) and Steven Sanders’ Throwaways is interesting. The title refers to someone involved in the world of espionage, slang that basically means you’re a dispensable assassin meant to die along with your target(s).

The story, at first, takes a bit to get a hold of, as it’s presented in a non-linear fashion that forces you to play catch up – which I’m all for. I’d prefer this over “Here’s a page of exposition, now you can enjoy the story,” so there’s some intelligence here and also a little fudging on clarity.

Abby is a trained killer/ex-soldier who witnesses one of her ex-soldier friends kill a room of people before killing himself. While on active service, they were both at a mysterious place called Camp Cheshire.

Dean is kind of punk, Mohawk and all, who has a maybe girlfriend hacker. Dean’s dad is in prison, and possibly might have been some kind of terrorist. Some government-military wonks want to kidnap him, and that could be because he exhibits some kind of strange power.

These stories, of course, intertwine in a compelling way, and we begin to find out that not everyone is who they say they are.

There’s always a risk of letting this sort of story become bogged down in the mire of self-seriousness, but Kittredge approaches this with wit and charm. Sanders’ art is dynamic and fairly photo-realistic, which I like in this case. It feels a bit like watching a movie. The paneling and some of the visuals tricks used to induce intensity are really well thought out. When someone unexpectedly fires a gun, some sharp angled lines are added to split the image into sections which puts you into the shoes of the other characters. A person’s world sort of splits apart in moments like that. Some cool visuals really bring this story to life. I find myself on the side of liking this espionage thriller and look forward to seeing where it goes.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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