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‘Back to the Future #10:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Is this conundrum still going on?! No.  I’m not talking about the conundrum we call Donald Trump.  That is a conundrum I don’t think any of us will ever figure out. 

Naturally, being the nerd that I am, I’m talking about IDW Publishing’s Back to the Future ongoing comic book series, where Back the to Future #10 is also referred to as “Continuum Conundrum, Part 5.”

Our story this far:

After Dr. Emmett Brown reappears in the 1980s (after the Doc’s adventures on the big screen), it’s up to Marty to figure out what time period his friend came from and how to get him back. 

As readers of this series, we eventually learn through Clara’s background that this alternate timeline stems from the Doc’s first attempt to time-travel when he was still living in the Old West.  This would mean that the Doc made multiple attempts at building a time-machine before the time-traveling train we see in Back to the Future III.

Last month, in “Continuum Conundrum, Part 4,” Marty figured out that the only way to get his best friend back to where he came from was to do just that—go back to the future!

So, here we are now, in the year 2035, and looking out of place as always, Marty and the Doc are being chased by Officer Griff Tannen, a long-distant relative of—you guessed it—Biff Tannen!  But vengeance according to Griff doesn’t mean just a good beat down like Biff would have given.  Oh no.  Officer Griff Tannen is out for the kill…

Per usual, job well done by writers John Barber and Bob Gale.  I really enjoy how they’re slowly filing in the holes of this well thought out storyline. And the artwork by Marcelo Ferreira and Athila Fabbio, with additional inks and colors by Toni Doya, Jose Luis Rio, and Diego Rodriquez, keep getting better by the month!  This entire ongoing series has become one of my favorites to read month after month!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and build my own time machine just so I can see if the Doc and Marty escape Griff Tannen…alive…

Until then,


Joshua Desjardins, Fanbase Press Contributor



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