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‘Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #0’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Cabra Cini knows that her life is extremely complicated. She transferred a drug addiction to loving the rush she gets from using her voodoo powers, managed to permanently break free from her abusive boyfriend/pimp, and uses her skills to hunt people who don’t want to be found. In double issue #0, readers get a look at her dimension-defying skills and a sense of her tough sass and lack of effs to give about anyone’s feelings or physical safety. Is she likeable? Not entirely, but there’s something compelling about a tough woman who refuses to let the world keep her down.

The two stories in Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #0 function to introduce readers to two aspects of our protagonist: the other dimension she uses to find her targets along with the dangers she faces (“Voodoo Trespass”) and to set up Cabra Cini’s meet-up with Geek-Girl from Sam Johnson’s ongoing series (“Into the Infinite”). While the second story is not new material for readers of Geek-Girl, it’s nice to have the entire plot line included in one place to set up the confrontation/meeting between two powerful characters. As a Geek-Girl fan, I need to advise readers that CCVJH takes a much darker tone and includes more violence than we’ve gotten accustomed to in GG. The heroine has a checkered past and pulls no punches (literally) with her challengers, though, so a more family friendly vibe would be out of place.

Fans of Cabra Cini from her own series will enjoy the extra-sized compilation, and issue #0 is a great place for new readers to jump on board. If you like your strong women with a dose of dark and conflicted, Cabra Cini will not disappoint. Just be ready to lose a little of yourself every time you dip into The Infinite with her and see the beings guarding the realm between life and death!

4 Incredible Ways to Break Free from the Past out of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), Bruno Letizia (Artist – “Voodoo Trespass”,) C Granda (Artist – “Into the Infinite”), Chunlin Zhao (Colorist), Bruno Letizia (Letter – “Voodoo Trespass”), Paul McLaren (Letterer – “Into the Infinite”)
Publisher: Markosia Press
Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman #0 is now running a campaign on Kickstarter.
Copies are available as backer rewards at various tiers.

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