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‘The Last Mermaid #3:’ Comic Book Review

As suspected, the seemingly safe refuge is not safe at all when the mermaid discovers a bone yard.

Lottie, in her search for food, is lured in by a large creature which looks like a cross between a squid and an angler fish. Here is where we see the mermaid’s claws come out in an all-out fight with the creature. The thing is vicious and relentless in its pursuit of its prey. It’s like the amphibious equivalent of the Terminator as it allows nothing to stand in its way. Will Lottie and the injured mermaid survive? Not without help.

This action-packed issue doesn’t need nor require many words as we join the mermaid in her desperate fight for survival. The battle is even more interesting when you realize the creature is not a mindless animal but thoughtful in its pursuit. Intelligence is the key word here between predator and prey.

The art, once again, is a dichotomy of Disney cute mixed with very real violence. The calming green and blue hues are juxtaposed against harsher oranges and reds. It’s a reminder that violence can emerge from the most unlikely sources.

As in any good storytelling, everything goes sideways for our protagonists, and you’re never quite sure how they’ll get out of it or what they’ll be willing to sacrifice to survive. We know the mermaid’s willing to do anything to protect Lottie, but what about a stranger? The story reveals more of her character, as it should, but in harrowing circumstances. The ending hints at the mermaid’s moral compass which may be one of the main themes of the series, but we shall see.

I’m interested in finding out how Derek Kirk Kim developed the creatures from a biology point of view. How did they evolve and why? Kim has also added fan letters at the end of the issue which are fun to read (while he is on his quest to find a name for the column).

Creative Team: Derek Kirk Kim (writer/artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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