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‘Into the Unbeing: Part One’ – Comic Book Review

In a world destroyed by climate change, cosmic horror combines with catastrophe for this brand-new series that introduces readers to the impossible and hard-to-believe lifeforms and landmasses that have come to call this world home.

New series are always interesting, because they open a world of potential. Dark Horse’s new title, Into the Unbeing, takes that up a notch as we see a brand-new world, decimated by a shifting environment and incredible shifts in the world around us, as we follow a group of climate scientists into the Australian Outback. While out on exploration, they find something that is as unreal as it is impossible: a new landmass, in the middle of nowhere, that looks to be alive. Or at least it was living at some point. It’s head-shaped formation and massive expanse just adds to the intrigue, giving the main cast a chance to make a brand-new discovery for their scientific research collective.

Writer Zac Thompson brings a wholly unique concept to the stage, with artist Hayden Sherman delivering on some absolutely breathtaking visuals that seem to only be the beginning of this blending of the real and the unreal. It will be exciting to see how a brilliant concept is paired with a story that takes the very real issue of climate catastrophe and mixes it with impossible forms, interesting characters, and something that is wildly exciting.

One look at Sherman’s cover makes this title a must-read, and after this opening issue, I’ll definitely be coming back for more. There’s so much to this story, and exploring this world and these characters seems like it will be quite the journey.

Creative Team: Zac Thompson (writer), Hayden Sherman (artist)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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