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‘William of Newbury #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

William of Newbury combines the necromancy and supernatural adventures of The Witcher with the rodents and woodland creatures of Redwall and Mouse Guard. During 12th century England, William (a racoon priest) struggles with his role at Newbury Abbey. He is ready to take on the spirits, demons, and fairies of the land, but his superior has other plans. Prior Edward disparages William for taking these jobs and not taking on more duties around the Abbey. Eventually, Prior Edward snaps, and William decides to take the job on his own.

William leaves in the middle of the night for Buckinghamshire and is stopped by some thieves. After revealing his destination, the thieves decide to escort and protect William for the price of everything he has on him. One of the thieves, Winnie, brings the idea to his crew that it may be smart to learn to read and write in order to commit crimes of a more sophisticated nature, resulting in more money per job. When Winnie’s idea is laughed at by the other thieves, William offers to help in exchange for real protection from the thieves. What dangers lie ahead for William in the town of Buckinghamshire?

Michael Avon Oeming does triple duty as William of Newbury‘s writer, artist, and colorist. The art is reminiscent of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and Baltimore books. The colors used set the mood of a supernatural world of magic and occultism that the mysticism of Mouse Guard and Redwall rarely touch on. The opening scene shows William boastfully vanquishing a demon in the form of a possum and establishes our hero as a young and overconfident priest ready to take on evil. Traveling from town to town sets up a sort of monster-of-the-week format. In its last few pages, William of Newbury sets up its overarching story arc which will make things interesting for William as he navigates this world.

Creative Team: Michael Avon Oeming (writer / artist / cover artist / colorist)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

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Forrest Gaddis, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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