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‘Dead End Moon #3:’ Comic Book Review

When last we left Maggie Dean, her spectral sidekick, and a prostitute who wanted out of an unpleasant situation, Maggie Dean was searching for The Dead Man. Unfortunately, what she wanted and what the Dead End Moon required of her, are two different things.

Forced to hunt down a siren that had taken refuge in a river, Maggie would like nothing better than for her ghost sidekick Jack to shut up, and for Annabelle (the prostitute) to do what she is told. None of that happens, of course. Instead, Annabelle is almost lured to her death by the siren, and when Maggie tries to save her, the woman does the one thing she was told not to do: touch Maggie’s guns. Having defeated the siren, now Maggie has another problem: The Dead Man arrives, and Annabelle is infected by the spectral sickness.

The Dead Man has Maggie’s weapons and demands she take Annabelle somewhere she can be cured. Forced to do the bidding of the man who she believed killed her father, they set off to the one place Maggie called home after her father died: the circus. While there, Maggie may learn more about her past than she ever wanted to know.

Maggie’s obsession and drive are palpable in this issue, even more so than before. Her anger and rage blind her to other possibilities which grounds the story. Her spectral sidekick continues to provide needed humor to Maggie’s grim and rather obsessive personality, and everyone has a secret.

I’ve been enjoying the story since the very first issue. Not only because it has a complex female protagonist, but because there are a wide range of relationships to balance it out. It also demonstrates how being overly obsessed with something can be a bad thing. As for the art and coloring, well, I’m a fan of Gwynn Tavares’ and I think you should be, too. I want to give a shout-out to the letterer [Dave Lentz] who thought to differentiate between the living, the dead, and those in between.

I hope we don’t have to wait long for issue #4.

Creative Team: Scott Wilke (writer), Gwynn Tavares (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer), Alice & Mike Tener (creators)
Publisher: Bad Bug Media
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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