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‘©alifornia, Inc. #1:’ Comic Book Review

California, on its own, has more money and other resources than many major countries. Particularly as the rest of the country and its laws become more and more conservative, the question is often pondered: What if liberal California, or the entire West Coast, just broke off and formed its own country? That’s the premise of ©alifornia, Inc.

It’s the near future, and though the United States as we know it has crumbled, the fledgling country of ©alifornia is thriving; however, as its name implies, it’s not run like a sovereign state, but like a corporation. Instead of a government, it has a board of directors, and major policy decisions don’t need to serve the population, but the investors.

To that end, when Richard proposes to the board that they bolster their thriving economy with a more robust military, the suggestion is seen to have great potential for growth and met with open arms. Which is why when Markus suggests that maybe having the best weapons isn’t in line with the ideals the country was founded on, and an obsession with being the strongest could lead them down the same doomed path as the rest of the United States, his comments are less welcome.

Meanwhile, the ©alifornia military does have one major asset: Courtney Vesla. Recruited five years ago as a Private, she’s risen through the ranks and now helps test advanced weaponry. Her goal is to “Make a Difference.” Has she done that, though? Has she done it in the way that she wanted?

This is a very cynical comic, at least so far, but I’m liking it. I love the world they’ve created, and the concept of politics and government through a corporate lens is always fun. By all accounts, it’s the logical next step, given the current state of things in the world, so it’s fascinating to think about how it would play out. If I had to guess, I’d say ©alifornia, Inc.’s predictions are right on the nose, which is what makes it so cynical—and also so compelling. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next on this wild, dystopian adventure.

Creative Team: Arthur N. Ebuen (writer), Dave Law (illustrator/colorist), Justin Giampaoli (editor), Frank Cvetkovic (letterer)
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Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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