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‘Geek-Girl: Series 2, #10’ – Comic Book Review

Summer got a taste of the superhero life when she stepped in as Geek-Girl while Ruby was out of commission, and she’s missing the thrill of having powers to use for good.  It doesn’t help that Ruby and Kerry seem to be bonding, so being able to join Johnny Carlyle’s superhero team might be the easiest way to stay BFFs with her bestie. Meanwhile, a new baddie enters the super scene in Acorn Ridge, and their mimicry skills will challenge every powered person who tries to stop them!

I am a huge fan of Ruby showing her human side with women who don’t tear her down, so seeing her budding friendship with Kerry definitely made my day; however, I’ve also been the odd one out in a group friendship, so my heart hurt for Summer’s awkward attempt to create new meaning in her life while staying connected to her friend.

Supers who can mimic or steal others’ abilities aren’t rare in comics, but Identity Thief appears to become their target in every way.  Theoretically, they could choose to take a non-powered or non-human identity, but we haven’t seen that yet!  I’m using they/them pronouns, because while the first appearance of the character presents as male, how do we know that’s the original persona?  The use of punching to access new traits seems quite masculine, but the world is open.

The opening pages hint at a deeper problem that could challenge Ruby and her superhero cohorts, but Identify Thief definitely takes center stage by the last panel.  Kerry has already been doubled, and it seems highly likely that Ruby will be next.  In a battle of Geek-Girl vs. Geek-Girl, who will win?  Only the next issue may tell!

4 B-Plots-with-a-Dog-Woman out of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), C Granda (Artist), Chunlin Zhao (Colorist), Paul McLaren (Letterer)
Publisher: Markosia Press
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