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‘Undiscovered Country, Vol. 4:’ Advance Trade Paperback Review

With another volume of Undiscovered Country, we find ourselves in another Zone, as we continue to join our group through the dangerous and unknown Spiral that has become the final resting place of America (or Americana as it’s now known). Through previous zones, we’ve seen desolate wastelands, technological utopias, and open seas, all of which have done quite a bit of damage to our heroes as they’ve been tested over and over during their journey through the new America which is walled off and completely isolated. The first three volumes of this series have all been vastly different, and this is no exception, as the party is split and dragged not only across distance, but through time, as the group has to deal with the repercussions of the storied past of America and into a far-flung and malleable future in Zone History.

There were quite a few revelations in previous issues of this series, and even more now as we travel through this next arc of the history of not only America, but of this ragtag group. With Ace, Janet, and Chang discovering the potentials of America’s futures, Charlotte and Valentina are traversing the past, the realizations of what they’re being put through coming to light as they revisit some of the most trying times in American history. Combined with that, Daniel and the Destiny Man are going through some things on their own, the fallout from the previous reveal taking their lives down an unforeseen path.

With half of the series over, it’s been fascinating to see where writers Charles Soule and Scott Snyder have taken us, and where we might be going. Each Zone is its own little slice of American nightmare, drawing from the sins of the past and visions of the future to build an elaborate and terrifying fictional future for the great world power. With so many of these events mirroring parts of the present in American life, where they will go next will be a true reflection of the path these two brilliant creators see ahead for the United States.

This has honestly been my favorite arc of the series thus far, with unique spins of the past and the future really bringing a lot to the series. With so much of the book being speculative up to this point, grabbing pieces of the past and showing the impact this could have on society decades down the line is something we’d not seen yet and is incredibly welcome, adding an element of grounding to a series that has done a great job of mixing the real with the theorized.

Giuseppe Camuncoli is brilliant, plain and simple. His work is gorgeous, scary, and uncomfortable in the best way. With so many unique locations, creatures, and people, it’s been amazing to see the work that can be done when a talented artist is really able to let loose, allowing their creativity soar. Adding in the great work of Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Matt Wilson, and Crank! to the team has only elevated it further, making this one of the coolest titles currently running.

This is a must-read series and is only getting better the further we get into the story. Now at its point, it will be very interesting to see how the team ramps things up and brings it all home. I have no idea where they’re going, but I’m more than willing to walk the rest of the Spiral with them.

Creative Team: Charles Soule, Scott Snyder (writers), Giuseppe Camuncoli, Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Matt Wilson, Crank! (artists)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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