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‘Hexware #5:’ Comic Book Review

Jesi/Which-Where and her new partners soon learn what the drug Candi has been developing really does: It gives humans super-human strength. 

The battle is fierce, but they defeat the mayor’s thugs and save Jesi’s Dad.  But Jesi/Which-Where should have taken Ren’s advice and been more careful. Sister Invictus has double-crossed her and sent Jesi’s soul back to Hell.  And it is a cold and dark place.

Ren grieves over the loss of his friend and tries to figure out a way to get her back when something unexpected happens. Jesi’s parents invite him to come to what is known as High Garden Park to celebrate Jesi’s life.  He happily agrees, but, as usual, things do not go as planned. Down in Hell, Jesi meets Which-Where. The android is convinced it is in Hell, because she envied the teenager, but Jesi is determined not to stay. She will find her way back and stop Jian Candi from hurting anyone else no matter what it takes; however, a price must be paid.

In an effort not to give away spoilers for this issue, let’s just say that a character that has been mentioned a few times in passing makes a dramatic appearance.  It feels a bit out of left field and very convenient. The same goes for Jian’s big reveal which, for me, was never properly set up.  Nevertheless, we are given greater insight into the being who made Jesi/Which-Where possible and its long-term goals.

What I did enjoy was the action and the paneling in this issue. It gave a nice staccato feel to the fight scenes. Jesi herself has come a long way in her character growth, though it’s sad that a teenager must come face to face with their own mortality and grow up much too quickly. Unfortunately, it is a reflection of the times.

I look forward to the last issue in the series.

Creative Team: Tim Seeley (writer), Zulema Scotto Lavina (artist), Valentina Cuomo (colorist)
Publisher: Image Comics

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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