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‘Hexware #4:’ Comic Book Review

In the previous issue, Jesi/Which-Where’s battle with the Oni has given them a glimpse into their greatest fears. But can or will it use that information against her?

Ren, the street-level kid, is captured by Sister Invictus, but instead of killing him outright, she has a proposal for the android: Stop hunting them, and she’ll not only spare the boy, but help Jess/Which-Where track down whoever killed her mortal self. She agrees.

Jian Candi, Jesi’s father’s employer, has artfully used the shock and horror of the bombing to introduce a new drug into the city in order to take greater control of the populace. But what exactly is his end game? Jesi/Which-Where and her new partners suspect Mr. Marks may have data that could help them in their investigation of the bombing. Though she’s successful in obtaining it, the android doesn’t realize Mr. Marks has suspicions about his boss’ activities. When he attempts to tell the mayor of his fears, things go sideways.  It doesn’t help that Jesi/Which-Where might be getting played, as well.

In this issue, we are deep into the plot and subplots as the characters dance around, each trying to take the lead from the other. Jesi/Which-Where and Ren have developed into a smooth team after some fits and starts. There’s a lot of action, so it pays to read the issue a few times to catch everything that’s going on.

I really like the dialogue in this one. Sister Invictus is sharp and snappy while the werewolf king is proper and sometimes turgid, which is the point. And then there’s the Oni. Not as verbose in this issue, its part in all of this comes to fruition.

The lettering really brings out the character nuances and makes the comic even more enjoyable. There’s nice attention to detail. We glimpse a bit more into who Jesi’s parents are and how even in this screwed-up version of the near-future, kindness can prevail.

We’ll see if they can stay that way.

Creative Team: Tim Seeley (writer), Zulema Scotto Lavina (artist), Valentina Cuomo (colorist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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