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‘Torrent #1:’ Comic Book Review

Are you looking for a good, old-fashioned superhero story? One with relatable heroes and realistic settings? How about sidekicks and scary villains? One with heart, family, and tragedy? If so, the new series, Torrent, from Image Comics is for you.

Torrent follows the adventures of Crackerjack: superhero and mom. Crackerjack not only makes dinner for the family and attends PTA meetings, but has her own secret hideout, currently known as the “Crackerjack Cave,” as well as battling her arch enemy Mr. Skeleton. She is followed around by a teenage would-be sidekick named Slipstream, but when Slipstream disobeys her direct order, disaster follows. Saying any more than this would ruin the experience of this entertaining book.

Torrent is written by comics legend Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by Justin Greenwood. So far, the series is reminiscent of classic superhero comics of the 1980s, with characters – both hero and villain – that are just plain enjoyable to read. The writing is phenomenal, and the artwork exemplifies cartoony brilliance. Torrent is super enjoyable and absolutely worth the reading.

Highly Recommended – 4 out of 4 stars

Creative Team: Marc Guggenheim (writer) and Justin Greenwood (artist/cover artist), Rico Renzi (cover artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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