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‘Hexware #2:’ Comic Book Review

Magic and technology merge in this second issue of Hexware.

Which-Where’s programming requires her to make her owners happy at whatever the cost. Using Sheela’s books on magical rituals, she learns how to summon a demon and asks to buy a soul; however, the act comes at a price. In order to rescue Jesi’s soul, Which-Where must hunt down and reclaim the souls of those who have escaped Hell. The android agrees and, through a violent act of fire and destruction, Jesi’s soul merges with Which-Where. It is a confusing moment for both with only the street kid, Ren, bearing witness. Later, having successfully retrieved her first soul, Jesi not only struggles with understanding what she’s become, but her victim, in a rather gothic and dramatic fashion, warns her she may be in over her head. Is she human or is she an android? And what will she tell her parents?

An interesting twist on a teen angst coming-of-age story, the art continues to deliver, and the pacing is good. The subplot of Jian and his drug company is integrated effectively with the reader knowing that something is afoot, but not revealing anything yet. There’s also a new player in town whose goals are not clear for the time being. Unfortunately, Ren having all the answers when Which-Where integrated with Jesi’s soul was much too convenient. How would he know the android read Sheela’s books? How would he know anything about the ritual and the result of said ritual? Though having a street-smart character like Ren be her helper and sidekick makes sense, the scene felt like forced exposition to help the reader understand what was going on; however, it was nice to see Jesi grasp different possibilities and choices living in an android body. She’s smart and becoming more likable.

At the heart of this story, though, is the concept of family. Whether it be Ren searching for one, or Jesi trying to find her way back, neither of them take it for granted anymore.

Creative Team: Tim Seeley (writer), Zulema Scotto Lavina (artist), Valentina Cuomo (colorist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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