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‘Stuff of Nightmares: The Monster Makers #4’ – Comic Book Review

With Jordan reanimated and the law closing in, things are getting pretty hot for the brothers and their associates. With the “mongrels” running amok, too, a lot is set to go wrong and gory.

Issue #4 concludes this series, with the Brothers Cameron establishing their legacy. While Isaac was successful in resurrecting his brother, his efforts at doing the same with Stella are a bit less of an ace, leading to some serious trauma and bloody repercussions.

R.L. Stine finishes his tale in a satisfying, albeit somewhat overstuffed, issue. A lot is packed into this issue, with the imminent downfall off the Camerons and the surprising ascension of a character into “Boss Monster.” Stine’s voice is strong in his storytelling, and it’s amazing to think how long his career has lasted.

A.L. Kaplan’s finishes off this stint beautifully. It’s emotive, it’s campy, and it’s occasionally bloody disgusting in the best possible way. Gonçalo Lopes takes over as colorist for this issue, and his colorwork retains much of the same sensibilities as his predecessor, which I appreciate seeing, as I loved the vibe and tone of this book. Jim Campbell’s lettering is fantastic, as always, and allows all the nuances of the script to shine.

Overall, a suitably macabre ending to a disturbing tale about man’s desire to create life from death with Stine’s trademark style.  

Creative Team: R.L Stine (writer), A.L. Kaplan (artist), Gonçalo Lopes (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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