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‘Stuff of Nightmares: The Monster Makers #3’ – Comic Book Review

Previously, the Cameron Brothers, along with Stella and Frankie, returned to their childhood stomping grounds to start over in an old, abandoned mansion. Things go sideways pretty quickly due to the Cameron Brothers’ mutual interest in Stella.

Issue #3 carries on directly from the previous issue, with Isaac attempting to save his brother after accidentally fatally injuring him. Serendipitously, there’s the fresh corpse that they had just stolen recently, and Jordan’s brain is about as fresh as they come. While he does seem successful at first, there are unforeseen circumstances.

R.L. Stine drags us screaming and kicking to the climax of his story, with just one more issue to cap off his macabre tale. This issue retains all the gory and spooky charm of the previous ones, with Stine basically dialing up the gross factor of his Goosebumps style. His flair for the gruesome with a dash of whimsy is unrivalled.

A.L. Kaplan brilliantly translates Stine’s prose into a visual splash, sometimes literally, with all the blood. It stays just on the right side of gory, veering a bit towards camp instead of being just unsettling. The artwork is enhanced in every way by Roman Titov’s wonderful colorwork. Titov utilizes his limited palette with brutal acumen, and the splashes of red against the cold, blue sterility of the lab are extremely effective. Jim Campbell’s lettering is effective and evocative, as usual.

Overall, with an issue left to go, one can’t help but wait for the other shoe to drop, and by shoe, I mean Isaac’s comeuppance.  

Creative Team: R.L Stine (writer), A.L. Kaplan (artist), Roman Titov (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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