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‘Star Trek #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Nostalgia is very big in fandom. Whether it’s three different eras of Spider-Man coming together on the big screen or a brand-new Quantum Leap television show which frequently revisits old characters and concepts, nostalgia for the past is front and center. Star Trek has been no exception. Since the inception of this new era of the franchise, we’ve seen beloved characters pop up all over the place. Star Trek: Lower Decks devoted an entire episode to Deep Space Nine. Characters from the Original series, Next Generation, and DS9 appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Prodigy (complete with the original actors voicing the characters). Star Trek: Picard season three is set reunite the entire cast of the Next Generation. That being said, the question remains: When will nostalgia impact the comics?

Star Trek #1, published by IDW Publishing, does just this. The reader is treated to characters from of the Original Series and the ‘90s series coming together. This is not the first time IDW has brought different crews together (Check out 2014’s “The Q Gambit.”) What makes this different is that it’s an ongoing series. The story takes place 3 years after the final episode of Deep Space Nine, in between the last episode of Voyager and the final movie featuring the Next Generation team, Star Trek: Nemesis.

When Benjamin Sisko, last seen in the final episode of DS9 (“What You Leave Behind”), returns from his adventure in the Bajoran Wormhole (Celestial Temple) with the aliens (Prophets) that reside there, he is given a mission. After meeting with Next Generation captain Jean Luc Picard, Sisko is given command of a new ship: the USS Theseus (named after the hero of Greek mythology). The crew of this ship has A LOT of familiar faces: Data and Beverly Crusher (TNG), pilot Tom Paris (Voyager), and engineer Montgomery Scott (TOS). There are also two new characters: an Andorian ensign named Sato (the last name of one of Star Trek: Enterprise’s characters) and a Vulcan named T’Lir. They very quickly have an adventure with a Crystalline Entity (introduced in the TNG episode, “Datalore,” and seen in the opening credits of Star Trek: Lower Decks).

The story by Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing is fun, especially for the nostalgic factor. The issue is overflowing with Easter eggs and references. Artist Ramon Rosanas does a great job of capturing likenesses and giving grand images of the ships and settings.

It should be noted that this issue was advertised as a “jumping-on point” for a new reader, but I would caution that there are many references to the TV shows that may be challenging to follow for a new reader. Also, the advertising claimed that this is the return of Sisko (which technically it is); however, not only has the character come back before (in the non-cannon novels in which he fought the Borg commanding the USS New York), but considering the rumors surrounding his character, as well as DS9 itself, in the new Paramount+ television Trek continuity, it is very doubtful that this is his “true” return.

Star Trek #1 is a fun adventure which is sure to bring more excitement as the series progresses. But reader, beware: This series is not cannon. Any Star Trek fan that loves the characters – especially the ‘90s incarnation – will thoroughly enjoy this first issue!

Creative Team: Written by Colin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing and drawn by Ramon Rosanas
Publisher: IDW Publishing
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Scott Larson, Fanbase Press Contributor



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