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‘Bird with Stick #2:’ Comic Book Review

After Galen left his village in search of whatever took the songbirds’ ability to sing away, the hawks – in their fear and need for power – decided to round up the songbirds and place them in internment camps, allegedly for their own protection.

Aria, Galen’s girlfriend, managed to escape and fled her village. Galen, meanwhile, flew to the elder mage in search of answers. The mage, a turkey vulture, gave him a talisman he claimed would help guide Galen on his journey. Chased by falcons, his adventure became more perilous when he was bitten by a venomous spider. The lone songbird was rescued by Ratatat, a woodpecker, who decided to join Galen on his quest. But Galen had more help than he realized, as Aria began her own journey to rescue her fellow songbirds.

Issue two spends time building the team as more animals join or help Galen with his quest. I have to admit the introduction of all of these characters in a three-issue series was a bit overwhelming. The conflict is good and the adversity Galen must overcome is organic, but often he is the one being saved and not doing the saving. Though he has shown us he can throw down with the best of them in a fight, I would have liked to see more innovative thinking on Galen’s part or in concert with his new partners. Since he was the only one from his village to have the gumption to search for an answer to the loss of their song, he’s already proven he can think out of the box. He’s one brave little bird.

This all-ages comic is fun and has great themes about teamwork, sacrifice, and facing the big, wide scary world outside the narrow confines of your own community. I look forward to the last issue in the series.

Creative Team: John Schlim Jr. (writer), Enrico Orlandi (artist), LetterSquids (letterer)

Publisher: Ovation Comics

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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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