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‘Dead End Moon #2:’ Comic Book Review

After finding the Seventh City of Gold, Maggie Dean and her spectral sidekick, Jack Calloway, head straight to the local saloon to look for a prostitute that The Dead Man may have been keeping company with.

Maggie discovers that the girl’s name is Annabelle her whereabouts, but the young woman is reluctant to give her any information. An unfortunate confrontation with a gang of vampires forces the three out of town in a hurry. Her plan is to hide out for a while and then continue her search for The Dead Man, but Annabelle has other ideas. None of that matters as soon everyone’s plans are waylaid when a carriage from the Dead End Moon appears, bearing a message for another bounty for Maggie Dean to chase down. Maggie once made a deal with this spectral presence and now she has no choice but to do their bidding whenever they come calling.

I like the conflict between Maggie Dean and Annabelle in this issue, allowing us to see two very different perspectives of the lives of women in this world. It’s also nice to see the team consist of two women and a man (ghost), instead of the opposite. The pacing is good with an occasional flashback to Maggie Dean’s past as a young girl with her father.  Each time, we learn more about the bright and cheery girl who this broken woman once was, and the path her father set her upon. This issue also reveals more of Maggie Dean’s prowess, stubbornness, and her obsession with righting what certainly must be a wrong that is deeply personal. As usual, I love Gwynn’s art with its crisp line work and spooky coloring.

I’m really enjoying this series, and I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next issue.

Creative Team: Scott Wilke (writer), Gwynn Tavares (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer), Alice & Mike Tener (creators)
Publisher: Bad Bug Media
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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