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‘Always Never:’ Advance Hardcover Review

One of the fun things about comics is the variety of tales told. These range from superheroes and science fiction to crime dramas. Stories run the gambit of being a single issue to being a long story arc, stretching out over several months. With this practice as the norm, one tends to forget that there are smaller, more personal tales that are just as impactful and thought-provoking.

Dark Horse Comics’ Always Never is a wonderful story about two people in love – from their first meeting when they were young through their trials, separations, and reunion in old age. There is a catch, though: The tale is told in reverse. The book starts with chapter 20 as the couple, Ana and Zeno, meet after being apart for years. It ends with their first meeting as young people.

This book is fantastic.  Originally published in France, it’s written and drawn by Jordi Lafebre. The writing is sweet and heartwarming. The art is cartoony – very reminiscent of Darwin Cooke; however, the comparison to classic comic creators does not end there.  Always Never reads very much like a classic Will Eisner story – from the deep characterizations to the bending of the comic medium.

Always Never is a rare type of comic in this era of corporate superheroes. It has a deep focus on the small, personal aspects of two people’s lives while testing the rules of the comics medium. It does all of this with great writing and sharp art, and it is definitely worth checking out.

Highly Recommended – 4 out of 4 stars

Creative Team: Jordi Lafebre (story and art), Clémence Sapin (colors)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Scott Larson, Fanbase Press Contributor



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