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Pilcuyo: Altiplano Vol. 3’ – Comic Book Review

In this action-packed final volume in the Altiplano series, it begins with a brief flashback right after Limón assimilates the nanobots and has his first transformation.

It is a bittersweet memory for Lila, as her breakup with Sonia was ugly and brutal, but it needed to be done before her next task: murder an organized crime boss. The result is her freedom, but at a high cost, as the gangs loot, burn, and murder throughout the city in retribution. Lila flees to the jungle once again and back to the cyborg animals that she loves. But a special ops team and government forces have honed in on Limón’s location. Even with the most advanced tech on their side, it becomes apparent no one is truly prepared for Limón’s final transformation.

The conclusion is as big and bold as the previous volumes. We do get more of an opportunity to see how close Lila and Limón once were, which was nice to see. I found the paneling on several of the two-page spreads to be visually interesting and provocative. There is a lot going on in the action sequences, so you do have to take your time to figure out what is going on, as sometimes it’s not obvious during a first pass. (I have feeling I would have had a different reading experience with a physical copy and not shifting the pages across a screen.)  I was at a bit of a loss as to how Lila figured out where to find Limón. She just kind of magically showed up with no explanation. If it was inferred in an earlier volume, I certainly do not remember. If that were the case, it would have been helpful to reiterate what that was since it has been a while between books.

There are nice extras at the end detailing the development of the cyborg animals and the mercenaries which were based on Peruvian pre-Columbian civilizations. All in all, I enjoyed seeing the future through non-Western eyes in this graphic novel series.

Creative Team: Gustaffo Vargas (Story and Art)
Publisher: Taco Tinta Press
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