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‘All-New Firefly #4:’ Comic Book Review

Last time around, the crew was successful in procuring the medical supplies that Simon needed to attempt to save the life of the monk that the Tax Collector shot. Despite Simon and, in a surprising turn of events, Jayne’s best efforts, they were unsuccessful. Requiem really is living up to its name, huh?

David Booher continues Jayne’s redemption tour in earnest and I don’t hate it.  I’m really digging the structure of this arc so far, opening each issue with a glimpse of Jayne’s childhood and the various characters that informed his sensibilities and shaped his personality. Booher’s script continues the groundwork that was laid down in the Holiday Special, even specifically referencing a formative moment in Jayne’s youth. This issue also leans in on the contemplative moments, with Booher’s script allowing the characters to speak volumes in the quiet spaces. Jayne’s evolving, and an encounter with someone that represents both his past and future will no doubt shake him to his core.

Jordi Pérez’s artwork is gorgeous in this issue. Pérez artfully renders the aforementioned quiet moments with a real eye towards contrasting the quiet stillness with Jayne’s emotional turmoil. That motif is carried through some of the other important character moments, depicting the tension beautifully in each scene. The colorwork by Francesco Segala and Gloria Martinelli is superb. One scene in particular, in a sanctum of sorts, is absolutely stunning, reflecting the inner peace that the monks have cultivated. Think John Everett Millais’ Ophelia but with Gustav Klimt’s influence. Jim Campbell rounds out a fantastic issue with his excellent lettering.

The sum-up: Jayne’s evolution feels pretty earned here, with additional grounding from the Holiday Special. With the reveal of a new character on the final page, we might see just how far he’s come and if he’ll go further. Booher et al. have managed to walk the balance of providing Jayne with a spiritual journey without writing him as a completely different character.

Creative Team: David M. Booher (writer), Jordi Pérez (art), Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli (colorists), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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