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‘Geek-Girl Series 2 #8:’ Comic Book Review

If Summer as a sexy lady™ threw me off a little on the cover of issue 7, I had no doubt that issue 8 would go back to examining some of Ruby’s trials as part of Johnny Carlyle’s new superhero team for hire.  His former right-hand man, Digger, doesn’t love the change of allegiance, and he’s got to prove his cojones to his less-than-upright pals. Meanwhile, Ruby and Tyler bond with hangover breakfast and learn a little more about their new headquarters…

The storylines of Sam Johnson’s other series, Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hit Woman, and Geek-Girl have been hurtling towards intersection for the last several issues, but I finally understand how the two heroines will collide.  Given that Cabra is gunning for one of Ruby’s new super teammates, I doubt it will be peaceful…especially since Neon Girl (at least I believe it’s Neon Girl from the first series) appears to a) be trapped in the netherworld Cabra uses for her mystic travel and b) the hitwoman’s current patron wants to avenge her injuries.  Nothing comes to a head in this issue, but I foresee some explosive action that won’t leave small-town Maine the same.

Aside from the build up to Cabra and Ruby’s showdown, the creators added a lovely subplot about an elderly couple who didn’t leave the super headquarters when directed.  Tyler and Ruby empathize with the pair’s reason for staying, demonstrating kindness and humanity – two important traits in heroes.  Even when they face opposition, they stand for what they believe is right.  I don’t know about the rest of the team, but these two may be all right.

Since the story covered a variety of different locales, both real and beyond the veil, the artwork morphed to reflect the feel of each segment.  The strong colors and clear lines remain the same, but designs and color palettes distinguished changes in venue naturally.  Ruby and Cabra also appear to have different tones and lighting. (Cabra’s scenes look much darker while Ruby has a brighter, more primary color hue.)  The visual shifts changed my attitude as I read, and even though I haven’t read any Cabra Cini I have some idea of what type of individual is crashing the Geek-Girl party.

So many things are almost to a boil in issue #8 of Geek-Girl that something big is coming in the next few issues.  Clearly, the biggest moment is Cabra and Ruby’s meet cute, but what’s Digger going to tell his cronies?  Can Tyler and Ruby keep the headquarters’ uninvited guests a secret from Johnny Carlyle?  What’s The Whupper’s deal anyway?  The only way to find out is to keep on reading!

4 Mysterious Labs out of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), Carlos Granda (Artist), Chunlin Zhao (Colorist), Paul McLaren (Letterer)
Publisher: Markosia Press
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