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‘Daisy #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Where the previous issue hinted at Daisy’s origin and destiny, Daisy #4 plunges us deep into the lore of the Nephilim and their cursed children, and the false god that started it all. It’s dark, the imagery is disturbing as all heck, and the central theology of the series comes into sharp focus here.

Colin Lorimer’s tale continues to be both extremely dismaying, and yet you can’t look away or stop reading. There is such a beauty to his stylized horror, where even the grotesque deserves scrutiny, if for nothing else than to pick up on the minute details. The panels of Daisy standing over the Children of the Nephilim are compositionally stunning, blending unmistakable symbolism with a Dante-esque hellscape. Lorimer’s unflinching take deserves all the commendation and then more, blending X-Files-like thriller vibes with Enochian mythology.

Joana Lafuente’s coloring really sells the mood here, from the morose dusty landscapes of Brimount in the throes of destruction to the idyllic gentle light of whatever Paradise-like realm that Daisy is in. Lafuente’s ability to shift the mood from Paradise to hellscape is palpable without additional context, and it really serves the story from a visual standpoint. Jim Campbell’s skilled lettering keeps the heavy exposition from dominating too much page space, allowing for the contributions of the whole team to shine through.  

Overall, with “Father’s” plan in motion, one has to wonder if we will come face to face with the false god that wrought so much pain and suffering. And what Daisy’s role will be in this divine struggle.

Creative Team: Colin Lorimer (writer, artist), Joana Lafuente (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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