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‘Unicorn Vampire Hunter #3:’ Comic Book Review

The Solstice celebration turns violent for Edward when he’s attacked by Enrique’s mechanical spiders, but things don’t turn out like the vampire planned. Our magical unicorn fends them off and kills Enrique’s brother in the process.  Vowing revenge, Enrique decides to retreat when Seamus comes to his foster brother’s aid.  Jezebel is still determined to lift Edward’s curse with help from Isadora, but it comes with a hitch—it may not be permanent.

As we begin the third issue, we are treated to Enrique and Federico’s backstory on how they became vampires.  Let’s just say it was the wrong thing to do for all the right reasons. Enrique has since partnered with a witch who practices blood magic and is capable of morphing into different identities. What her motivation is, we have yet to learn; however, she is smart, capable, and ruthless – a combination that may tear Jezebel’s family apart.

This issue moves along faster than the previous one, and I like how the writer is pacing the reveals: not too much, and not too little.  The family-centric scenes tend to be a bit forced, and I was disappointed in Jezebel’s lack of ambition. I’d really like to see her reach for more and challenge herself, but that may come in a later issue. As a side note, Daryl Toh draws really cute puppies, and I do find the characters to be engaging.

There are some potentially scary parts for young readers, so parents might want to read this ahead of time to be sure it’s appropriate.  I suspect it’ll be fine for most kids.

Creative Team: Caleb Palmquist (writer), Daryl Toh (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer)
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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