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‘Duplicant #4:’ Comic Book Review

Kidnapped and with his liver removed, Matt fights for survival, but just when he thinks all is lost, the most unlikely person saves him—Robert. Matt’s former mentor insists the real culprit is Frances, but Matt refuses to believe him. Matt’s mental health is challenged as he keeps having hallucinations of Pamela Wilton and his family, or are they something else? Spirits? His conscience? Added to his anxiety is Matt’s relationship with Robert. Though they once shared a deep friendship, it isn’t enough to convince Matt that Robert is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Ava struggles with her feelings for Matt as Robert re-evaluates his relationship with God. But the real question is, what does all this mean for Matt now that he has a Regenerist liver?

This issue spends much-needed time showing us the development and eventual end of Matt and Robert’s friendship; however, I would have liked to see what drove Robert to embrace his religious conversion. (Perhaps in the next issue?) I’m also not sure why we’re spending so much time with Sean and his family other than to reinforce the Christian themes which resonate throughout the series.  A personal quibble is I would have liked to see a simple caption in the flashbacks so as not to disrupt the flow of reading. It certainly isn’t a big deal, but I did bump on it trying to figure out where I was in the story. If there was a change in color palette to denote a flashback, I didn’t pick up on it.

Overall, I find the characters to be engaging, and I’m really enjoying the series. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Creative Team: Karla Nappi (writer), Marianna Strychowska (artist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), Leila del Duca (artist – linework), Owen Gieni (colorist)
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