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‘Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Set in the not-so-distant future in an alternate universe where the sun has mysteriously lost its potency, Buffy Summers is the last remaining Slayer. With new laws to guarantee that vampires and humans can coexist in harmony, it’s an entirely different world for Buffy, where Slayers are obsolete and on the endangered list. That, and she’s also in her 50s, with her Slayer powers acting all wonky. To add to her heaping plate of troubles, a mysterious teenage girl shows up seeking a very specific brand of assistance.

Casey Gilly opens this tale about another iteration of Buffy, and it’s an intriguing premise. It’s rather post-apocalyptic without actually being dismal… when was the last time you heard of fresh avocados in the post-apocalypse? Gilly’s Buffy is a battle-weary veteran who has no place in this world, and whose unique Slayer physiology is going all kinds of haywire for no known reason. Familiar faces/names are peppered throughout, but it’s absolutely clear that this Buffy is a bit of a loner. While the structure of the issue is seemingly by the book, Gilly throws in just enough mysteries to pique the reader’s interest without overcomplicating things.

The artwork by Joe Jaro is really nice… bearing some resemblance to Rebekah Isaacs’ work on the Dark Horse Buffyverse books. The likenesses are pretty good, and there’s plenty of expressive character work to take in. The colors by Joana Lafuente really sell the vibe of the series, with dusky exteriors and the neon lights of the club scene being standouts. Ed Dukeshire works his usual magic here, making a pretty exposition-heavy issue read like a breeze.

Overall, while this isn’t the “original” Buffy, an older Buffy is a premise that any fans have wondered about and, aside from fanfiction, it has remained unexplored until now.

Creative Team: Casey Gilly (writer), Joe Jaro (artist), Joana Lafuente (colorist), Ed Dukeshire (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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