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‘Dead End Moon #1:’ Comic Book Review

As I dive into my pile of Kickstarter comics once again, I was particularly interested in checking out this one, as Gwynn Tavares is the artist. (Full disclosure: Gwynn is the artist for my own graphic novels, and I adore her work. So yes, I’m biased.) Dead End Moon, a supernatural western, follows the story of Maggie Dean, a bounty hunter who hunts paranormal creatures and doesn’t much care who gets in her way – even going as far as using a wanted criminal as bait; however, Maggie suffers from a spectral infection which allows her to see ghosts and other supernatural beings, but the affliction is slowly killing her. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop her from searching for the illusive Seventh City of Gold, where the one called The Dead Man is holed up. Why she wants to find him remains a mystery in this issue.

The story starts with a bang and sets up the protagonist quite well. In a couple of pages, we understand who and what she is – a complex female character with moral ambiguities. I loved the choice of using a chatty and annoying spectral presence as a pseudo-sidekick, allowing the exposition to flow more naturally. It’s a strong first issue where we get a chance to see a bit of Maggie’s past and a hint of what is driving her toward her future. Though Maggie’s world is primarily dark, it will be interesting to see what happens if she journeys toward the light.

I, of course, loved the art. Gwynn always does her homework on period costumes and it shows. The various hues of purple, which indicate a spectral presence, fit in perfectly with this world as do the hideous supernatural creatures.
I look forward to the next issue.

Creative Team: Scott Wilke (writer), Gwynn Tavares (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer), Alice & Mike Tener (creators)
Publisher: Bad Bug Media
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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