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‘Mazebook #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Three Jeff Lemire books come out this week. This is the only one that’s not Black Hammer related, and it’s a creative doozy.

Years ago, our protagonist Will lost his daughter, Wendy. It threw him into an endless spiral, repeating the same day, slowly dying. He’s forgotten his daughter’s face, his daughter who used to love finishing mazes. In the last issue, he received a phone call from her, and now he thinks she’s alive and perhaps trapped in a … maze?

We delve a little further into what Will’s personal life used to be and what it has become, and Will comes closer to finding the maze.

Lemire’s art style here is simple; the colors used on any given page are often monochromatic, echoing Will’s emotional emptiness. The sort of sketch book-style pencil work often highlights the haunted eyes of our hero. Lemire allows the world around him to lose detail. Will is distant from everyone and everything. The visual storytelling here is breathtaking. It’s hypnotic.

The fact that, in concept, this feels like an ’80s movie fantasy while also being about as modern as you can get brings me great joy. Once again, Lemire has found incredible balance in juggling reality, and grounded emotions, with a fantastical idea.
I dissolve into Will’s story with every passing panel. I want to come back every month. I want to know where this will go.

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (script, art), Steve Wands (letters), Daniel Chabon (editor), Chuck Howitt and Konner Knudsen (assistant editors), Tum Muller (design) Josie Christensen and Cary Grazzini (digital art technicians)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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