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‘Unicorn Vampire Hunter #1:’ Comic Book Review

I had wanted to back this project on Kickstarter, but it got past me somehow. Fortunately, Caleb Palmquist was tabling at Rose City Comic Con, and I was able to pick up issue one.  A middle-grade fantasy with vampires, magic, and unicorns, I found it to be rather charming and heartwarming.

Living in the city, Jezebel’s parents decided that it was no longer a safe place for their daughter to grow up and sent her off to live with her Uncle Seamus. A mage by trade, Seamus lives near a mysterious forest that Jezebel was forbidden to enter. Of course, being a teenager, she disregards his warning and wanders in, only to be attacked by a vampire. Jezebel is saved by a unicorn who reluctantly admits that he knows Seamus, and they have a rather long history together. That history and the unicorn’s budding friendship with Jezebel are the heart of the story.

The art is simple, but it’s appropriate for the story and the age range it’s targeting.  I found the colors to be warm and exuded a sense of comfort and familiarity even during the battle scenes. In a more adult comic, it would be weird, but it works here. There is violence, but nothing detailed or gruesome. What I liked best were the characters and how a misunderstanding, plus a little resentment, goes a long way to ruining a friendship.  I think there are some important lessons here for adults and kids alike.

I look forward to reading the next issue.

Creative Team: Caleb Palmquist (writer), Daryl Toh (artist), Dave Lentz (letterer)
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