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‘Black Hammer: Reborn #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

In Black Hammer: Reborn #3, Lucy Weber’s personal life continues to crumble while something ominous builds around – or perhaps returns to – Spiral City.

Lucy’s relationship with her husband is so fully realized. She not only has to be the hero in real life as the Black Hammer, but also the hero in her marriage, always being forced to pick up the pieces and stay strong to keep everything together. But, over the years, since a terrible incident, her motivation to do so disappeared, focused instead solely on her kids. Now, she has to face the realities of the decisions she made and the decisions of those around her. How strong will she have to be to keep her family safe, and will she step up to save Spiral City… or can she?

Jeff Lemire has become a pro at dramatizing the psychological shifting landscapes of superheroes who are trying to live normal lives. Black Hammer: Reborn is proof of that. By creating his own universe littered with his own characters, he’s free to explore all the real-world facets. If he had pitched any of these ideas to DC or Marvel, they would have laughed in his face. “No, you can’t do that to Spider-Man!” But, he can do it to his own material without pissing off a bunch of fans who don’t want to have the ideal versions of their heroes meddled with.

If you want to see what it would be like if your favorite superheroes were stripped to their human bones, struggling with everyday drama that affects their superhero-ing abilities, the world of Black Hammer is the place to be.

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (writer), Caitlin Yarsky (artist), Dave Stewart (colorist), Nate Piekos of Blambot (letterer), Daniel Chabon (editor), Chuck Howitt and Konner Knudsen (assistant editor), Ethan Kemberling (design), Josie Christensen (digital art technician), Mike Richardson (publisher)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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