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‘King Spawn #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Almost 30 years ago, Todd McFalane helped create Image Comics with Spawn #1. This year, he has launched a new, ongoing Spawn title. This is the first new continuing series since 1992. How is it? That depends on the reader’s relationship to the character and setting, as well as their feelings on the content.

Spawn has never been without controversy (neither has Todd McFarlane for that matter). Issue 5 of the original series, for example, featured a child killer named Billy Kincaid. The tale contained some extremely gut-wrenching images. The main story of King Spawn #1 is reminiscent of this, as children in danger is the focus of the story. Spawn is investigating a church bombing which killed several children, and more are targets. In the midst of the story, there is the push and pull of Heaven and Hell and an appearance by characters Sam and Twitch.

In addition to the Spawn’s journey, there are other stories in this first issue featuring different characters. These follow heroes Haunt, Komox, the Gunslinger, and one with the villain Nightmare. All of these stories are written by McFarlane and serve as an introduction to the characters and storylines that are coming up in the series.

These stories are classic Spawn. In the first story, writer Sean Lewis channels McFarlane to the point that it is hard to tell where one creator’s voice ends and the other begins. The art by Javi Fernandez, Stephen Segova, Marcio Takara, Philip Tan, and Brett Booth is all solid.

Spawn has a dedicated audience and deals with adult themes. It has for almost 30 years. This book is brutal. This book is bloody. There are graphic images and content in King Spawn #1. If you are a fan of the series or in graphic horror, then this is the book for you.

Creative Team: Sean Lewis and Todd McFarlane (Writers), Javi Fernandez, Brett Booth, Stephen Segovia, Marcio Takara, and Philip Tan (Artists)
Publisher: Image Comics
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