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‘Nocterra #6:’ Comic Book Review

Nocterra #6 picks up right where the previous issue left off. The Sundog Convoy of Val, Em, and Piper have reached what they thought was hope, but dark forces are always sulking in the background. Trust is betrayed, the monsters are in, and all seems lost in an epic and encouraging end to a fantastic first arc!

The story of Nocterra hinges on the idea of a better world, whether it be for the Sundog Convoy or the entire world. Our protagonist Val was first introduced to us six issues ago (Time sure does fly!) as someone just getting by, dejected by the world they live in.  Hope is what keeps her going – the hope for a better future for her brother and Bailey (now going by the call sign Piper). It’s sometimes a tricky theme to get right, as it can come off as a little cheesy, like an afternoon special without the charm. It’s lucky that a renowned team of storytellers is at the helm of this dystopian story. It’s always refreshing to know that a cliffhanger is able to pay off without it relying on a setup of the next story arc.

Speaking of the second arc, Snyder and Daniel aren’t afraid to hold back on story beats. There are deaths and events that happened these past six issues that I could have seen happening at a later time. The story has a tendency to subvert expectations, as well, although it has less to do with shock factors and more to do with how real the story and characters are. The real world is often much more unpredictable than we can ever imagine it to be, and Snyder has presented that to us in full.

Nocterra #6 is the storm after the calm, and it’s only just the beginning. The first arc ends with a glimpse into the future. If there’s anything to take away from this issue, it’s that we’ve been on cruise control this entire time, and we’re just now about to hit the gas.

Creative Team: Scott Snyder (writer), Tony S. Daniel (art), Tomeu Morey (colors), Andworld Design (letters), Will Dennis (editor), Tyler Jennes (assistant editor), Emma Price (graphic design)
Publisher: Image Comics
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