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‘Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins III #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Critical Role is back with their usual antics, as the prequel series continues for the story of Vox Machina, world-saving adventurers that will one day protect everyone and everything from an incredible, powerful force. For now, though, they’re a bunch of bumbling idiots who haven’t quite figured out this whole “adventuring” thing just yet.

After a successful job in the fighting ring, the team is flush with cash and ready to party, making their way to the renowned Winter’s Crest festival. This being Vox Machina, of course, things go awry, as the party is interrupted by an unknown and unannounced magical attack that brings the group face to face with a unique, new foe that will test this group’s limited abilities.

As has been mentioned before, I’m a big fan of Critical Role and of these characters, and seeing them out of their element in the early parts of their adventures is incredibly interesting. Knowing the end point of these characters, with their world-changing abilities, immense power, and unbreakable chemistry, and then seeing them go all the way back to when they had no idea what to do is wonderful.

While these stories are finite, as there is a starting point that fans of the show will know, getting to that point has been the best part of this series. Combining that with a diverse and well-crafted world, this is a series that is both new and old, new and familiar.

That world is what sets this series apart. There is an incredible amount of lore already built into this universe thanks to Critical Role Dungeon Master and creator of this universe Matthew Mercer. As the man behind the screen, Mercer has built something massive and intricate, allowing this series to pull from bits and pieces of his lore and continue to craft pieces of this story. It also helps that the entire Critical Role cast has already lived a version of this story through their home game, which began that whirlwind that is Critical Role. Add in terrific comics writer Jody Houser, and this series is full of brilliant talent and impressive stories.

Throughout the series, Olivia Samson has been spectacular. Their artwork has been spot on, really crafting the visuals for this world that was, prior to this, only described through words. Joined by Msassyk and Ariana Maher, the art pops off of the page, looking exactly like expected.

This is an important story for so many, a saga that has given inspiration and joy to thousands upon thousands. To continue this legacy like these mini-series have is really fascinating, and adding to the absolutely stunning story of Vox Machina is something all fans should love.

Creative Team: Matthew Mercer, Jody Houser (writers), Olivia Samson (artist), Msassyk (colorist), Ariana Maher (letters)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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