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‘Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Secret of Chesbro House #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Part of me wonders how long Mike Mignola will continue with Hellboy. Not that I’ll ever get tired of it, because I won’t, but I wonder why the stories continue to be teased out like this. I can understand a strategic desire to keep the IP in the public eye for film and TV purposes, and it most likely still makes money, but I can’t believe that either of those are the sole reason. I don’t think creators like Golden and Stewart, O’Brien, and Robins – some of the best in the business – would keep coming back if it was just for the money. This is a collection of incredible storytellers that Mignola and Mike Richardson have brought together; part of the Hellboy family.

Maybe I’m writing about this because I’m disgruntled that we aren’t getting something with a much wider scope. If they are going to keep him around, I hope they’re keeping him around for something… big. I want that emotional depth that Mignola’s long-running series that ended in Hellboy Goes to Hell ended with. I’m yearning for it. These wonderful two-issue series and one-shots make me want it even more. I’m Hellboy thirsty.

Now, I’m going to digress and talk about this issue. It’s fun. It’s delightful. It’s a yarn in the Hellboy tradition. It’s a haunted house story turned on its head ever so slightly, and Hellboy handles it dutifully with his normal “gee-whiz” sensibility. McManus’ art is lively and fresh, at times using cartoon-style exaggerations. It accentuates a part of Hellboy’s personality while playing in contrast to the horror, making it a palpable and enjoyable story for all audiences.

Creative Team: Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden (writers), Shawn McManus (artists), Dave Stewart (colors), Clem Robins (lettering), Katii O’Brien (editor), Jenny Blenk (associate editor), Patrick Satterfield (designer), Ann Gray (digital art technician), Mike Richardson (publisher)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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