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‘Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory #4’ – Comic Book Review

There wasn’t so much a story within Beasts of Burden: Occupied Territory, so much as there was a string of confrontations, but because the dog characters were so charming and the monsters so interesting (based on Japanese folklore), I found myself engaged from beginning to end.

If you don’t know what Beasts of Burden is, it’s about time you look into it. A bunch of neighborhood dogs – called Wise Dogs – are essentially wizards that protect their neighborhood from evil forces. In this series, one of those Wise Dogs tells a story from his visit to Japan, just after World War II, in which a pair of good doggos set out into the wilderness to stop a curse that’s ravaging humans and spirit folk alike.

There’s a lot of action, lots of spell casting and mysticism, and lots of dogs being valiant!

While this series is enjoyable and I’d recommend it to readers, I’d also recommend that if you’re a new reader, you go and check out the previous volumes first.

Creative Team: Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer (script), Benjamin Dewey (art), Nate Piekos of Blambot (letters), Daniel Chabon (editor), Chuck Howitt and Konner Knudsen (assistant editors), Sarah Terry and Kathleen Barnett (designers), Josie Christensen (digital art technician)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics    
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