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‘Canto III #1: Lionhearted’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The story of the tiny clockwork knight without a name or a heart has returned, and with it comes new dangers, struggles, and tests for this beloved hero. Canto III #1: Lionhearted by David M. Booher and Drew Zucker continues the story of rebellion and searching for a better future as Canto, having found his people their freedom, begins to prepare for battle against the Shrouded Man.

When Canto first began, we were introduced to a tiny tin man looking to reclaim his heart (both figuratively and literally). Now, that same tin man has suffered loss and has the heart of the man who enslaved his people beating within him. The only thing he wants now is liberation for his people and for the world to be free from the Shrouded Man.  So much has happened and changed since we first entered the Unnamed World – from giants to the evilest of creatures; however, Canto has shown us that courage can come from all manner of places, no matter the size.

All of the experiences that our titular character has gone through have led us to this first issue, showing us how much courage can change our fate. The alliances, sacrifices, and friendships have paved the way for a climactic battle that’s sure to impress.  It’s Booher’s storytelling abilities that elevate the fantasy epic into new terrain. It would’ve been simple to end Canto after the first series, but it’s the adherence to the theme of courage that raises the series to new heights.

While Booher’s story is compelling and fascinating, it’s Zucker’s illustrations that round out the story. The rustic, painting-like style provides the sense that we’re reading an old story of knights and dragons. Everything from the blend of colors to the linework on the page helps cement the idea that Canto III is a fantasy epic on par with the classics.

Booher and Zucker understand the world, characters, and story to its fullest extent. They continue to reach for the stars and prove that they can surpass them at any time. The writing feels exciting and comforting, like an old knights tale, while the art and colors make it all feel like a classic fairy tale.

The first issue of Canto III: Lionhearted prepares us for a riveting fantasy/action story full of heart and courage. It’s a fantastic introduction to this new story arc. And if you’re still unsure of whether to pick up the series, know that it’s a story that will feel right at home on your shelf next to Tolkien and Lewis.

Creative Team:  David M. Booher (writer), Drew Zucker (artist)
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
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Christian Castillo, Fanbase Press Contributor



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