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‘Wynd #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review

James Tynion IV isn’t holding back. He continues to litter Wynd with more and more characters, and each and every one of those characters has their own individual motivations that then draw in more complicated factors. He isn’t just telling a story; he’s filling a keg with powder. It’s actually an accident that I used that metaphor, as one of the characters in the script specifically talks about lighting a fuse. This explosion is going to be pretty big.

One thing I specifically like about this series is Tynion and Dialynas’ version of Vampyres. They’re mean-looking buggers. They don’t just want blood to survive; they want to see the world burn. Their look is also quite a bit of fun; their fangs look like sharp, jagged rocks attached to their skulls. Otherwise, in this issue, Wynd and his friends make it to the Faeries—for better or worse – and it seems like that might be worse soon enough. We also finally get some much-needed backstory providing a much larger scope to the events that our group of wayward heroes find themselves in. This may also point to who and what exactly Wynd ultimately is.

Dialynas’ colors here, especially entering the Faerie kingdom, are vivid; a bright yellow fills an entire space – like our characters are standing inside of a sunflower.

This is simply a top-notch series. The story tracking all the way back to issue one has been strong with a steady increase in tension and stakes. Eight issues in, and I already feel like I’ve been on quite the journey, and that’s pretty amazing.

Creative Team: James Tynion IV (writer), Michael Dialynas (artist), Andworld Design (letters), Scott Newman (logo designer) Grace Park (designer), Eric Harburm (editor), Gwen Waller and Ramiro Portnoy (assistant editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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