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‘Undiscovered Country #13:’ Comic Book Review

A new arc begins in Undiscovered Country, as the team is introduced to the newest zone, Possibility. After the harrowing experience that everyone involved went through in the Unity zone, it seems the entire crew is on edge, unsure of what to expect as they delve deeper into the Spiral of the sealed-off United States.

This looks like it’s going to be a fun arc, with Possibility focusing on something that was incredibly pervasive before the Sealing: the American culture. It’s something that we should all know that has, for better or worse, infiltrated the entirety of the planet.

With the Sky virus still raging and the team going through this journey in an attempt to find a cure, we get a bit more backstory into this world and the situations that our protagonists have gone through.

While inside Possibility, it’s revealed that to leave, they must embrace that idea of American culture and make something uniquely American. Something that will stand the test of time and evoke those long-gone feelings of American exceptionalism in culture. Though, like in every other zone, not everything is what it seems. In what seems like an instant, the goal to continue walking the path of the Spiral is paused to deal with the most recent wrench thrown into the proverbial gears that in this mission.

There is so much to love about this series. It’s endlessly creative, built on the passion of creators Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, and Giuseppe Camuncoli. While a difficult series to describe, each issue seems to outdo the previous, with each zone getting more and more interesting, from the Mad Max desolation of zone Destiny, to the technological horrors of Unity, to the swashbuckling romp through American cultural history that seems to be Possibility thus far. While only an issue into the new arc, I’m so fascinated by what this zone has to offer our cast.

Speaking of the creative team, it’s unsurprising to see them continually outdoing themselves on this series. All three listed co-creators are titans in this industry, with Snyder and Soule two of the biggest names in comics in terms of writing, and Camuncoli one of the most in-demand artists. Their styles mesh perfectly, with the cohesive styles of each writer adding depth and life to the other. Adding in Camuncoli makes this an effortlessly impressive series, as the wild and big ideas are executed well by all three, joined by artist Loenardo Marcello Grassi, colorist Matt Wilson, and letterer Crank!, all of whom add their own depth to the series.

Stories like these are so important, because they’re fictional in a way that still feels within reason. Sealing off a world power, America especially, is something terrifying and also not too farfetched. With the divisions going on with the world, the pandemic still raging through parts of the world, and things seeming altogether disparate, twisting what feels like the headlines of the day into a fictional representation of the consequences of that division feels so apt and endlessly thought-provoking.
This is a fun series to explore, as it’s nearly impossible to really give too much away. So much happens in such a unique way that explaining it will sound like a wall of nonsense until put into the proper context. That being said, reading it is much better than having it explained, and this has been one of the more gripping series put out in recent months. While starting from issue one is recommended, those who wish to jump on with a new arc and catch up along the way won’t be disappointed if they begin with this issue.

Creative Team: Scott Snyder, Charles Soule (writers), Giuseppe Camuncoli, Leonardo Marcello Grassi (artists), Matt Wilson (colorist), Crank! (letterer)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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