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‘Home Sick Pilots #6:’ Comic Book Review

Where Home Sick Pilots started is nothing like where Home Sick Pilots is currently going. It all started with the question: “What if a punk rock high school band went to explore in an old haunted house?”, and then it became about the haunted house manipulating one of the members of the band. NOW, it’s about humans trying to control ghosts to make mechs work! Yes, this is a ghost-in-the-machine-style haunted house story with punk rockers, and it’s dope as hell.

For the first handful of issues, we were following the lonely and wounded Ami who – after a heartbreaking turn in the previous issue – has passed the reigns over to Meg. Meg was a part of the punk band, The Nuclear Bastards, the nemesis of Home Sick Pilots. Twists and turns every which way. Now, a government-run military outfit is trying to get in on the punk game. Will our main characters sell out?

Honestly, it’s difficult to find fault with any of the characters, or to see any of them as good or bad. The writing and their perspectives are so well defined. When it comes to any kind of showdown… I don’t know who I’ll be rooting for!

I will say this over and over again: Casper Wijngaard’s art is amazing – truly like nothing else out there. It’s so weird, fantastical, and terrifying. He’s creating images I’ve never seen before.

This is how you do it. This is how you break the confines of genre.

Creative Team: Dan Watters (writer), Casper Wijngaard (artist), Aditya Bidikar(letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Erika Schnatz (production artist), Tara Ferguson (White Noise marketing)
Publisher: Image Comics
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