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‘Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Quick recap so far: Seeking a reprieve and some medical help, Zoë and her crew arrive at the doorstep of one Simon Tam and Kaylee. (They have kids!) Despite Zoë’s misgivings, Simon’s sleuthing about the mysterious cargo gets them the wrong kind of notice. Meanwhile, Emma and Lu have run off with the Blue Sun contraband.  

Picking right up where we left off, Zoë and the Tams have to deal with Blue Sun pursuing their interests. Some usual-type shenanigans ensue. On the other hand, Emma, Lu, and the mystery woman head into space, looking for answers that, seemingly, a very specific someone can give them.

Josh Lee Gordon’s script does a bit of everything here. It’s a bit nostalgic, a tad risky, and a smidge of a tease of new directions to come. One of the joys of this series so far has been the new contexts in which we see some familiar faces. The Kaylee-Jayne dynamic is ostensibly awesome! One of the takeaways from this series so far is an observation by Emma in this issue: “Five years or five hundred, ‘verse is the ‘verse. Blue Sun might paint a coat’a fancy over the cracks, but folks still got the same old problems they ever did.” #StoriesMatter because they help us recognize the thematic issues of the past, and, hopefully, we’re all the better for not completely repeating old mistakes. I’m sure we will not be the last to think so sanguinely about that.

Fabiana Mascolo’s artwork continues the tradition of being great. The linework is clean and the storytelling sensibilities are strong as ever. Lucia DiGiamarino’s colors keep the book looking beautiful, from the clear sky wonder of the Tam homestead to the gloom of space. Jim Campbell’s lettering keeps the proceedings clear, as usual; even if you don’t understand Chinese, the context isn’t lost on us.

Overall, with the crew essentially split, I think we’ll see more old faces pop up in ways that will make Blue Sun hurt in more ways than one.   

Creative Team: Josh Lee Gordon (writer), Fabiana Mascolo (art), Lucia DiGiammarino (colors), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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