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‘Eve #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The realities of the world begin to open up around Eve, and not always in the best ways possible.

Eve has lived her entire childhood up until now in a simulation with her father, as he taught her how to live and survive in the wilderness, in an isolated compound that served some kind of relevance to the world around them. Then, she woke up, and with the help of her robotic teddy bear, has set out on a journey across the water of a capsized New York City to get to a place to help her father.

I love a good sidekick, and Eve’s teddy Wexler is freaking awesome as they come up against their first real antagonist in the story.

This is definitely, no holds barred, commentary on climate change. It’s not at all preachy about it, but the mistakes of our present have created the problems of Eve’s future, and we learn that her circumstances are even more important than we previously thought.

I really am enjoying the art. It has the BOOM! Studios sensibility, but is grittier. It feels almost like it has the grain of film, that texture of 35mm. It’s eye candy.

Eve is great, and while she, as a character, hasn’t come into her own yet, she has a tenacity and drive to continue forward, even though she doesn’t know what exactly is going on yet.

Creative Team: Victor LaValle (writer), Jo Mi-Gyeong (artist), Brittany Peer (colors) Andworld Design (letters), Scott Newman (designer) Ramiro Portnoy (assistant editor), Amanda Lafranco and Eric Harburn (editors)
Publisher: BOOM Studios!
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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